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Welcome to Love, Twelve!

The Love, Twelve mission is to embrace, motivate and inspire Bombshell survivors to live life on their terms and with an open heart after a cancer diagnosis.

The Love, Twelve Bombshells learn how to completely and fully embrace who they are and what they offer the world. They are given a safe place to explore, play and invent through our programs, workshops and photography to soulfully create their ideal life with purpose and help them reconnect the dots in their lives that were broken.


What is love, Twelve?


Love, Twelve is a for-purpose organization (501c3 pending approval) that supports women with cancer (our bombshell survivors) on their journey to physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.




Who is a Love, Twelve bombshell?

A Love, Twelve bombshell is a woman who has been diagnosed between the ages of 16-45 with any form of cancer

She is ready to fully embrace her life with grace and beauty

She's searching to deeply see and feel her inner beauty

She wants to nurture her full body

She's ready to share her story of personal transformation

She knows she's meant for greatness

She's willing to dive deep into learning who she is


What a bombshell experience can do for you and your life

After a cancer diagnosis, you are never the same...

Your entire world changes and "life as normal" for you and your family no longer exists.


When we asked a group of women, " How does a professional photoshoot make you feel?"

they said...

"It makes me feel relaxed and at ease and invited me to fully be myself. When I was able to give myself permission to just be me, not what I thought I needed to be, and then had that reflected back to me in a photograph, it was very revealing. I found it quite soothing to see myself -- and like who I saw."        - Siobhan
"I felt like I was seen, like the lens was uncovering layers of everyday stuff to see the real me, like a rock star. It was an exciting, joyful, wild adventure, going from place to place to capture the feelings. I have hundreds of photos that capture them all, and I'm reminded of who I am when I see them. It's funny because on the surface it would seem that they're capturing the skin deep details, but that's not what my experience has been at all." - Éva
"I'm a Breast Cancer survivor and I love photoshoots. I do them as often as I can. I love the feeling of femininity, the excitement of being visible, dressing up, make up, hair makes me feel beautiful. There's a sense of fearlessness...I'm putting myself out there, doing something scary, so there's a huge confidence boost. And most importantly, for me, they are so much fun!! I get to pretend and let loose!" - Gordana
"I love professional pictures because the photographer captures the essence of my spirit. I can see my soul shining through the pictures. Looking back at the pictures brings me right back to the day they were taken, a day I was treated like a princess and that memory shifts my mood and makes me feel alive and well. Professional pictures capture the mood of everyone in it. You can hear the laughter and feel the love. A professional photographer turns a 2d image into an experience and as long as I'm looking at the picture, I'm feeling everything good about that day. I feel so alive every time I look at the images." - Dina

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100% of your donation goes to creating transformative and empowering programs, workshops and photoshoot experiences for young adult cancer survivors.

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