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Hello, Gorgeous! Welcome to Love, Twelve!

Each year we create a vintage-inspired pin-up calendar featuring young-adult cancer survivors to celebrate courage, moxie and strength through one of life's darkest hours.

This year, our theme is "Be Your Own Hero" and we're sharing the stories of women who are being the change they want to see through their actions. From starting a non-profit to being a school teacher, our 2015 bombshells prove that laughter, confidence, hope, fashion, art and knowledge are some of a girl's greatest weapons in the pathway to healing.

We are grass-roots, support all types of cancer, and are a project started by a young-adult survivor...for young-adult survivors.

100% of your purchase supports this project and directly helps young-adult cancer survivors and current patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Thank you so much for being OUR hero and supporting Love, Twelve!

Meet The Bombshells

2015 Bombshells


What We Do


Love, Twelve was founded by Tracy Birdsell, after she had a lumpectomy at age 29. The experience left her feeling rather isolated and alone, even though she had incredible friends and family to support her. She turned to her profession and passion of photography and invites other young survivors to help create her vision of 12 beautiful bombshells in an inspiring vintage style, pin-up calendar each year.

Tracy’s experience helped her realize how empowering and healing the process is for women to reclaim their bodies after illness and our self-imposed limitations. It takes courage to be a “non-model”, dress up and work it for the camera, but facing those fears can inspire us to see ourselves in a brand new way. It reminds us that we are the authors of our own lives and we can reinvent ourselves into whomever we choose to be.  

There are over 70,000 young adults diagnosed with cancer each year, an under-represented population, so by showing your support through a purchase of the 2014 calendar, you will directly helping women experiencing cancer-related financial hardships. This year, we are proud to support Jill's Wish.  Please visit to learn more.  

Everyone has a story and we hope that these courageous stories shared by the 12 bombshells in the 2014 calendar can be a great reminder each day, each week and each month is yours, to go out and live it!  We hope it will inspire your dreams, laughter and even ease your appointments to the dentist. Each year, we invite a new set of twelve survivors to pose in the Love, Twelve calendar to help inspire and empower other women to reclaim their bodies from illness, self-imposed limitations and share their stories of survival.  Twelve beautiful women sending their love and support to you all year round.  

Please help spreading the word to your loved ones and share this page with your friends & family,  encouraging them to join our community and you can help ensure the continuation of this amazing project.

“Pin-up” your support and let's grow the Love, Twelve community.  Together let’s show that:

Thank you for your support!



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